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Ashwyn Barreto, the founder of TLC, aimed at revamping the regular practices in the global fitness industry. At TLC, our vision is beyond fabricated fads and unrealistic goals because our principal focus is on applying safe, healthy, and sustainable methods to gain long-term overall health and fitness. After years of hard work and planning, TLC has curated revised programs to guide our students using our core principles. 


TLC believes that fixing physical and mental issues lies in transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle, a feature that is part of every individual. As a result, TLC is built to cater to anyone! We teach and assist our clients in achieving a humble mental as well as physical balance by correcting and optimizing daily habits to create sustainable, healthier lifestyles.


Corporate Wellness Programs

A team of top-notch fitness and lifestyle coaches specializing in holistic corporate health and wellness workshops and programs.

Climbing up the success ladder sure has its perks. However, this journey provokes mental pressure leading to many corporate employees ignoring their health

What good is an exhausted employee whose performance drops due to their physical or mental health issues? Definitely, not much.

TLC has observed these effects over the years and realized that healthy functions in an organization are directly related to the stability of its employees. That’s why we’re here to ensure your company doesn’t falter due to the issues faced by its building blocks.

Our holistic approach develops an educative culture to boost an individual’s overall productivity and make it a positive lifestyle habit to yield health benefits forever.

After all, a sound mind and body are the gateway to successful actions and ideas.


Understand your body & lifestyle with our assisted guidance. You will receive personalised assistance & top-notch, customised fitness advice from our highly qualified certified personal trainers! Unravel better benefits with the premium plan & enjoy the journey of achieving your fitness goals.

TLC’s Personal Training Classes comprise of planned workouts that suit you & facilitate a safe & natural transformation. Our programs are designed to effectively help our clients with training sessions & include a plethora of components related to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

To take it up a notch in the fitness industry, TLC has come up with exclusive group fitness classes curated to suit the needs of anyone! We have offered two options for added convenience, so choose what’s best for you.


  • “Change for me is not something that is physically bound but is also something that should have a greater impact mentally. It is remarkable to see how ’That Lifestyle Coach’ manages to strike a balance between the two effortlessly. With the highly personalized fitness plans that suit your body type the best, my experience training with ‘That Lifestyle Coach’ has been nothing but positive with visible transformations along with a very cohesive and congenial environment.”

    Ramya Allaparthi
  • “The thing I like most about Ashwyn is his genuine dedication towards your fitness goals and his direct no-nonsense approach to fitness. He is definitely not your standard trainer who just gives you a generic exercise chart but instead listens to your broad goals and uses his expertise and experience to build a holistic program to match your expectations. Most importantly, Ashwyn takes time out to explain why a program is designed in a certain way and how exactly the program will help you get stronger and better.”

    Marvin Diaz
  • “When I first met Ashwyn, he was still new in his profession. I will admit I was sceptical at having to train with someone with not too much experience. Imagine my surprise when what I gained surpassed all my expectations and more. I had been training for at least 7-8 yrs before but Ashwyn turned out to be the most hardworking, committed, sincere, disciplined, and helpful as well as up to date with the latest fitness knowledge. What sets him apart is the importance he gives to the form of his clients which is really the most important part of training as this where one can eliminate major injuries.”

    Sonia Kamat



The TLC App is your portal to a healthier lifestyle, offering interactive workouts, comprehensive tracking, and a supportive community.


Modern yoga consists of a range of techniques including asanas (postures) and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the Yoga school.