Common Myths about Carbohydrates Busted!

Meta Description – Carbohydrates are not the enemy, so let’s clear them by busting some myths. Carbs have a bad reputation in the world of fitness, especially when losing weight because several misconceptions surround the topic. Moreover, understanding carbohydrates and how they work can be tricky. As a result, we’re going to lend a helping hand […]

Strength Training: The What, Why and How

Meta Description – Strength Training does not have to be confusing! Keep reading to know more about the benefits, types, and how to start your journey in Strength Training. Strength Training: The What, Why, and How? We’re back with a new edition of the many broad domains of fitness, Strength Training for Beginners! When you’re […]

Your step-wise guide to all things cardio

Another blog, another chance to getting digging into more fitness knowledge! Previously, we discussed the main types of fitness training, and today, we will elaborate further on one of the topics, Cardio Workouts. If you’re a beginner, our intricately researched and stepwise manual is all you need to decode everything about Cardio! What is Cardio […]

Fitness 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Workouts

Introduction Confused about where to begin your Fitness Journey? We have read your mind! Keeping in mind all the gym beginners, we will break it down to the basics in this blog! We will start by understanding the major exercise groups involved in everyone’s fitness journey– Strength, Cardiovascular, and Flexibility Training.   A balanced combination of […]

Fix your sleep now !!

The circadian rhythm meaning, also known as the circadian cycle, is the 24-hour internal body clock that processes and regulates your sleep-wake cycle. A chain reaction is set off in which various factors of your surrounding environment, for example, darkness and light, influence the brain to release certain hormones. These hormones are required to put […]

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