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Gyms shut? Goans have plenty of workout options

The corona virus threat has led to all gyms being shut in Goa till the end of the month, but that does not mean that fitness-conscious people have to stop exercising. From working out at home, or hitting a quiet corner at a nearby park or beach, the serious ones are finding their own ways to stay active, while the rest take this as an opportunity to ‘just chill at home’ and enjoy ‘cheat days’! We spoke to a few Goans to find out what they are up to.

Instructors focus on online and personal training

Last Saturday, the government directive stated that gyms would be shut for two weeks until March 31. Soon afterward, gym instructors sprung into action – creating home workout plans for their clients or suggesting simpler ways to stay fit during the pandemic. Some have started focusing on personal training for the time being. Model Narusha D’souza tells us, “My trainer comes home regularly. I usually do functional workouts, so it’s feasible at home. We focus on toning, so it works out well for me.”

Fitness trainer Rendel Ferros has been delivering online training and also recommending home workouts to his clients. “There are a number of activities people can take up to keep themselves fit. I have recommended brisk walking for 45-60 minutes, followed by or alternated with freehand exercises like CrossFit – jumping jacks, pushups, pullups, crunches and so on which you can do at your place. I also ask my clients to stick to vegetarian food or fish and eat healthy food. It is important to have an immune system strong enough to battle this virus, so we need to focus on our diet and workout,” he says.

Personal trainer Ashwyn Barreto has been posting regular home workout videos on social media for his followers. “Most 30-40 minutes workouts don’t require any equipment and only uses your body weight. I post short videos, by mentioning the duration of each exercise to be done,” he says. He also has his personal training clients online.

Some trainers focus on small group workouts on the beach. Fitness trainer Abhijit Naik says, “Since gyms are shut, I take a few clients for an early morning beach workout in South Goa. We focus on functional training and cardio workout. I keep the updated through my social media and people join in whenever they want to.”

Sticking to body weight workouts

Rohan Thakkar from Old Goa says he heads to a nearby park for calisthenics. “There are a few parks where you can do calisthenics, pull ups, monkey bar workouts and so on. So I do that and I am looking to borrow dumbbells to do other workouts. I just focus on body weight training otherwise. Usually I would work out twice when I went to the gym, but now I only work out once since I can’t,” says Rohan.

Baga-based Raj Haldankar has been focusing on working out at home. “I’ve been doing body weight workouts at home and head to the beach for a run and swim during the evening. It is very surprising that there are very few people on Baga beach now. I sometimes head out with a football, and a few of us play for a while.” Similarly, Margao-based Shivani Divkar and her husband have been doing home workouts, along with an occasion run.

Some have stated getting together in small groups to workout. Gaurav Pokle has started inviting a few friends over for a few hours of workouts. “I have a lot of space at home, so I invite my trainer and few of my friends’ home and do some cardio and body weight workouts.”

Running, cycling or yoga

A number of people have just started running or cycling, now that gyms are shut. Santa Cruz Tracy tells us, “We have been going or runs and walks, or just running up and down stairs, and focusing on a healthy diet.” While some are focusing on runs or walks, Caranzalem-based Navreet Sarkaria has been doing a couple of hours of yoga at home, or occasionally on Caranzalem beach for a change.

Model Milind Tendulkar tells us, “I used to cycle earlier, but ever since I started gym workouts, I stopped cycling. So now I am back to cycling 20-25 km every evening. I combine it with home workouts like push-ups, pull-ups and others.” Eshaan Sinai Lotlikar from Santa Cruz has also started cycling now that gyms are shut. “One needs to stay active, so I cycle for a few hours after work every day,” he says.

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