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The circadian rhythm meaning, also known as the circadian cycle, is the 24-hour internal body clock that processes and regulates your sleep-wake cycle. A chain reaction is set off in which various factors of your surrounding environment, for example, darkness and light, influence the brain to release certain hormones. These hormones are required to put you to sleep or to keep you awake, and therefore, the sleep cycle balance affects your entire system.

The circadian rhythm is found in all living beings and is quite crucial to maintain the healthy usage of energy and the required rest phase of the body. A plethora of body functions such as cardiovascular activity, digestion, cognition, coordination, weight control, and immune function are kept in check with the help of healthy sleep patterns.

It is proven that disruption in the sleep cycle or sleep deprivation can cause several health issues. People who function on an imbalanced cycle suffer from metabolic fluctuations, psychological difficulties, depression, physiological changes, and more, the list can certainly go on. Besides, we’re amid a pandemic and paying attention to your sleep patterns as well as health has become more essential than ever.

If you think you’ve fallen prey to a disturbed circadian rhythm, there are a few tips to can try out to get back on track. For starters, you must try to expose yourself to the morning sun to help reset the body’s clock. Secondly, apart from the morning cup of coffee, you should avoid excessive caffeine or heavy meals later in the day.

Another way to help you sleep better at night is to avoid using your phone, basically, keep your eyes away from blue light. To wrap up the advice, try not to take a midday nap because staying awake will help you use up the stored energy and balance your circadian clock by helping you sleep at night

Fix your sleep and your motivation towards physical fitness and balance in your lifestyle will automatically follow. We hope these tips will help you guys achieve a healthy sleep-wake cycle!

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