Mojigao – The Tucked-away Health and Wellness Adventure with Nature

Meta Description – Let loose and give your mind and body a chance to bond with nature at Mojigao.

Recently, I had the opportunity to rejuvenate and take a breath of (literal) fresh air. We’ve been on the move shooting and creating content on various lifestyle related subjects. Thanks to the Mojigao Eco Village, I got a chance to experience a unique aspect of health and wellness, while also getting my job done.


Today’s blog will bring you all the intriguing information about this wonderful place, and we hope you visit and let yourself unwind in the care and beauty of Nature.

Mojigao is spread across a raging 1.5-acre property amidst the lush forested slopes and tropical gardens of the Assagaon Village. Following a generational idea that architecture must not disrupt the natural environment and instead be one with it, Mojigao has perched six wooden cottages to help their patrons relax and revitalize.

My Experience and Why Choose Mojigao:

Sense of Solitude

We live in a day and age where peaceful quietness and relaxation are grateful mercies. With Mojigao, you get a chance to keep the city life away while just indulging and being one with nature.

Almost, no Network

Your phone service will most likely give up on you, but for the better. In our bustling lives, we’re always on our phones without realizing the amount of strain and stress it can cause. Mojigao is a prime example of how you can detoxify yourself from social media and just experience nature at its best.

Nature and its Little Gifts

Almost everything boils down to the fact that Mojigao offers a chance to connect with nature without eliminating your touch with the real world. The flora and fauna are so refreshing and you can notice that in the weather. Even when it’s warm, you won’t feel the scorching heat because of our lush-green buddies, making you think that global warming needs to be eradicated.

Classic Mediterranean Food

The food at Mojigao is simply exceptional. It gave me a chance to take a break from the normal, spice-flavored Goan cuisine and try the delicacies offered by the Mediterranean cuisine. Another stark advantage is that they offer only vegetarian or vegan food, which is an amazing way to give your gut a break, and your body, a healthy boost.

Working on yourself

Apart from its marvelous location, which is already quite enough to help you introspect, Mojigao also has a range of activities to stimulate your mind and body. For example, I tried my hand at Capoeira, a non-combat Brazilian martial art involving acrobatics, dance, and music, along with Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art designed to teach combative techniques for the ancient battlefield.


Since the primary goal of Mojigao is to help people live wellness-induced lives, they offer a range of healthy food and lifestyle options:

  • Eco-friendly living space: Natural wooden cabins curated to enjoy the wonders of nature
  • Artjuna: On-site café serving Mediterranean cuisine, fresh bread, and juices. 
  • Yoga Shala with Natural Therapy: Recalibrate your mind and body using the wilderness as a natural healing power. 
  • Garden: A tropical paradise with stoned pathways, wild flora and fauna, and cute Buddha statues!
  • Activities: You don’t have to worry about what to do next because Mojigao has got it covered with a range of eco-friendly, outdoor activities! It’s also a bird paradise with occasional sitings of small animals.

Parting Thoughts:

Overall, my experience at Mojigao helped me unite my mind and body, along with helping me understand the importance of being one with the natural landscape. It was a worthy trip, with lots of knowledge that helped me gain several new skills. 

This is the beginning of the many more places to come! We can’t wait to give you guys of astonishing places so you can go there and enjoy too! Keep in touch and stay updated!

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