Restart a Healthy Daily Routine and Kiss the Pandemic Goodbye!

Let‘s face it, you’ve probably put on a few pounds, become a couch potato, or simply don’t feel like putting in any effort anymore. The pandemic has had all of us in a situation similar to this, completely derailing our normal lifestyle as well as healthy habits, including the long-lost workouts.

At TLC, we understand how difficult it can be to start working out again and get your lifestyle together after a long break, which is why we’ve created this article to assist you on how to start working out again and get back on track!

Key Ingredients to Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Recipe:

If you want to get fit and healthy again, starting where it matters the most will go a long way. You may be able to ace leg days and core strength workouts, but without a healthy lifestyle, you’re back to square one.

Get that Sleep, but Not in Heaps!

Sleep is a natural healer, but the pandemic has shifted sleeping patterns from an eight-hour sleep cycle to a jagged string of sleepless nights and lazy days. You have to start by getting rid of irregular sleep cycles. If you don’t believe us, take a look at Fix your Sleep Now!, and you’ll know what to do.

If you have difficulty going to sleep, sip on some warm camomile tea, use soothing essential oils, or read a book. If you can’t wake up on time and that causing a disruption, try small changes like keeping your alarm clock away from you (no more snoozing allowed), and of course, go to bed sufficiently healthy.

Drink Water, You Will Thank Me After

People underestimate the wonders water can bring along if you just incorporate it more regularly. Stop the one-glass-of-water-a-day routine, you need at least two liters a day! Staying hydrated will automatically bring about changes you didn’t see coming from a mile away.

Drinking enough water can increase your energy and relieve fatigue, making you feel up and refreshed. It also controls body temperature, improves skin texture, and flushes out toxins. It’s time to say “bye-bye” to all the junk your body has collected over the pandemic.

Organize your Space, to Keep Regular Stressors Away

Do whatever it takes, start with clearing up the pile of unwashed laundry or doing the sink full of unwashed dishes, but start somewhere and work your way up. Once you start organizing your surroundings, your mind will feel relieved. A clean environment has not only proven to improve mental health but also makes you feel less pressured.  

Clear up the Riot in your Diet

All the food takeout over the pandemic has only added gasoline to your already disrupted lifestyle because you simply reap what you sow. Clean your gut up by bribing yourself into having some veggies, maybe a cool salad dressing will do the trick!

Eat plenty of fruits along with all the other food groups, don’t skip anything because of what the internet says because it can only make you believe what you choose to believe.

Set a boundary because Extensive Leisure is Secondary

Overly engrossed in Instagram reels or Call of Duty fights? You need to get rid of such habits. Start with setting up a calendar for yourself and assign slots for all the important work you need to get done, along with a daily, and a controlled slot for leisure activities, even if it’s simply scrolling through your feed. If you still can’t keep up, technology has got your back with a range of apps that help you arrange your schedule while also giving you reminders when you need to get your work done!

Get Back in Shape, but stay away from the measuring tape

Yes, it’s a good habit to keep track of your gains, but not intending to only lose a few inches. It’s time to look at fitness and workouts through a holistic approach. The times have changed, and lifting weights is not all you need.

A fit physique begins with a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Ancient Indian medicine, in the form of Ayurveda and yoga, is proof that lifestyle alterations induced with close attention to overall wellness can help you achieve your goals while also leaving a refreshed smile on your face!

What to Remember before Getting Back into Working Out

You need to prep yourself up because it’s not going to be the same as before. Get ready to falter slightly, but stand your ground and everything will fall into place. If you’re someone trying workouts for the first time, check out Fitness 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Workouts!

  • The “Ease into it” Principle: Set realistic goals because going hardcore, in the beginning, will only drain you or cause fatal injuries.
  • Set a Goal, but Don’t Overestimate: You need to know what you want to achieve so that you can stay focused and motivated, but don’t have high expectations. Aim for something achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive.
  • Join a Custom Fitness Program: Customized plans can help you target what you need instead of struggling to perform everything under the sun with bare minimum results.
  • Keep up the Lifestyle Habits: Without a synchronized lifestyle, even a hundred days in the gym can be pointless. You need to aim for overall body and mind wellness along with fitness and stay dedicated to doing just that.

From the Coach: Try until you succeed, but try you must because there’s no short cut!

With that said, let’s see you shine like a freshly polished diamond! If you’re feeling terrible about what a waste the pandemic has been, it’s alright. We’ve all been through some turmoil. From now, the steps you take towards transitioning will matter, and the rest is history. Get ready to change and make yourself proud!

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