Most Rookie Mistakes When Working Out as a Beginner

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A Few Tips to Keep in Mind before Starting your Workout:

  • Don’t have tunnel vision. Scope the gym and understand the equipment and space around you to know your options. You can always ask a fitness trainer to give you a guided tour.
  • Don’t start without a plan. Being aimless is the worst thing you can do simply because, no plan, no progress. Again, you can always use a trainer’s assistance for this step.
  • Don’t mock your personal trainer. Make friends with your trainer because even if you don’t like their suggestions, they know what they are doing and will only do what’s best for you. Of course, don’t go believing blindly, judge the situation and take a step.
  • Don’t be a copycat. Just because someone’s workout routine looks trendy or interesting doesn’t mean that it will work on you the same way. You need to understand what your body needs and act accordingly.
  • Don’t be Mr. Know-it-all nobody likes that. If you were a gym-goer and have restarted your routine recently, chances are you already know what to do but don’t preach about it and leave the job to the professionals.
  • DO NOT overdo it! Your body will reciprocate with the exercises you’ve been performing and once it’s had enough, you will know. Understand when to stop because the rest is much needed, especially if it’s your first day.

Mistakes to Watch Out for as a Beginner in Fitness Training

No Warm-Ups or Cool Downs

Understand that you can’t simply launch your body into intense activity and not expect it to give up. Warming up will not only activate your body for the process but also avoid injury, excess fatigue, and irregular heart rate. Similarly, cooling down promotes recovery and soothes the muscle soreness that will make you toss in bed all night long!

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Incorrect Form and Posture During Workouts

There can’t be more emphasis on how dangerous improper form and posture can be, especially when performing exercises that include lifting weights, running, or even yoga. Maintaining a suitable form is crucial to not injure yourself and also to ensure that you achieve your desired results.

Monotonous Workouts

One major mistake that can lead to origin-specific injury or burnouts is always performing the same workout routine. Not shuffling your exercises, especially if you want to become fitter can hinder your results. So add in some spice, and you may find it more interesting anyway!

Avoiding Strength Training

Although strength training is commonly known for building strong muscles, it serves a greater purpose than just that. Strength training also knows to preserve muscle tone and strengthen as well as increase elasticity in your tendons and ligaments. If you want to be able to perform daily activities without an awful limp, don’t skip strength training.

No Flexibility Training

Stretching out is essential to be able to perform your activity range for the long haul. Without stretching, your body is simply going to give in to aging and deteriorate, which means you may not be able to continue maintaining your fit lifestyle for too long. So, perform stretching exercises to relax your muscles and let your body move in all directions.

From the Coach: Your body knows what it needs and when to stop, so listen to it!

That’s about as much we can explain when it comes to the rookie mistakes when working out for the first time. Take advice from your personal trainer, use the assistance, and you will be able to perform all your gym-related tasks safely and efficiently. If you want to know more about workout routines as a first-timer, check out Fitness 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Workouts.

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