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With a rich schooling background in Sharada Mandir and Dempo College of Arts & Science, I am a passionate learner and observer. I dropped out of my Master's in Geology from St Xavier's College, Mumbai, only to pursue a career in fitness. Went on and got certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, before beginning my career as a fitness trainer at a reputed gym in Panaji. After a stint with Fitness Bar for almost two years, I then decided to start with my own brand, Thatlifestylecoach, under which I train clients and help them make positive changes in their lifestyle.

My education in fitness and experience working with different types of clients ensures that I can design efficient workout programs for general clients as well as special clients with health issues like high blood pressure, slip disc and more. Encouraging clients to make small changes in their lifestyle, which are sustainable and manageable, leading to major changes in one's body and overall health.

Advanced customized diet plan
  • 60 minute long In-depth Nutrition Assessment along with nutrition counselling and an advanced diet plan.
Medical diet plan
  • 90 minute long In-depth Clinical and Nutrition Assessment with a nutrition counselling session and a clinical diet plan.
Total body transformation program
  • In-depth Nutrition Assessment.
  • Four 30 minute long nutrition counselling sessions across 3 months.
  • Two weekly free progress updates.
  • 3 diet plans in stages.
Healthy Couples Balanced Diet
  • In-depth Nutrition Assessment.
  • One 30 minute nutrition counselling session (for each individual) and 1 detailed diet plan with food options suitable for a couple.
  • Free follow ups for the next 2 months.