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Show your strength to build your strength



Class Duration

One hour

Suitable For

All age groups

Personal Training Detail

TLC’s Personal Training Classes comprise a combination of planned workouts that suit you and facilitate a safe and natural transformation. With the help of our highly qualified team, our programs are designed to effectively help our clients via our training sessions and include a plethora of components related to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Goal-Based Workout Packages

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Body transformation program
  • Lifestyle transformation program

A diet plan with the Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Workout Packages is variable. This will involve whether the client wants to include a diet plan or not and if they have been following a diet since before joining TLC. The Body Transformation and Lifestyle Transformation Programmes include a mandated diet program.

Duration-Based Fitness Packages

  • One session
  • Two weeks
  • 1-month package
  • 3 months package
  • 6 months package

Types of coaches

  • Junior Fitness Trainer
  • You will be trained by a domestic or Indian-level certified fitness trainer with a minimum experience of one year. 

  • Head Fitness Trainer
  • You will be trained by an International Level Certified Fitness Trainer with a minimum experience of three years.

  • Master Fitness Trainer
  • You will be trained by an International Level Certified Fitness Trainer who has conducted several fitness workshops and holds an experience level of more than three years.

Transformation Package

TLC has curated special lifestyle transformation packages which focus entirely on meeting health and fitness goals through customized regimes to indulge a better lifestyle.


  • Consultation to analyze and understand your body and dietary needs
  • Nutritional Guidance to maintain a healthy diet
  • Weekly Follow-up with the coach involving a QnA session, problem identification, brainstorming on improvement, and dealing with any other issues faced during your sessions.

Special Population Personal Training Package

This package comprises intricately designed workouts for Senior Citizens. The process involves thorough analysis to understand and precisely customize the program.

  • Individualistic Attention
  • Specialized Assessment
  • Catering to Specific Health and Fitness Needs
  • Involvement of Healthcare Professionals
  • Motivate and Educate for Holistic Results
  • Preventive Measures to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Things To Bring

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Sport Shoes
  • Extra Clothes

Personal Training Fitness Class

₹ 12,000+ 18% GST For Complete Course | One-Time Payment