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Corporate Wellness

How Corporate Wellness benefits the corporate

A team of top-notch fitness and lifestyle coaches specializing in holistic corporate health and wellness workshops and programs

Climbing up the success ladder sure has its perks. However, this journey provokes mental pressure leading to many corporate employees ignoring their health


What good is an exhausted employee whose performance drops due to their physical or mental health issues? Definitely, not much.


TLC has observed these effects over the years and realized that healthy functions in an organization are directly related to the stability of its employees. That’s why we’re here to ensure your company doesn’t falter due to the issues faced by its building blocks.


Our holistic approach develops an educative culture to boost an individual’s overall productivity and make it a positive lifestyle habit to yield health benefits forever.


After all, a sound mind and body are the gateway to successful actions and ideas.

Health and Wellness Workshops

Our goal is to help others transition into healthier versions of themselves, but we start by inspiring them through our workshops and seminars.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Spread awareness about internal well-being through exercise and nutrition
  • Develop the mindset to consistently embrace and maintain healthy habits
  • Behavioural coaching to promote mental well-being, development, and stimulation
  • Busting myths about “slim waists” and “muscular bods” to motivate multifaceted and long-term approach
  • Promote team-building spirit and create a trustworthy, comfortable environment among the employees
  • All of this will in return boost the productivity at your organization from at base level

Corporate Wellness Programs

To take it a step further, the minds at TLC developed a permanent solution for the corporate lifestyle that involves a 360° program to modify the lifestyles of employees.

What do we want to achieve?

  • A full-functioning gym setup with smooth operations and maintenance on the company’s premises accessible for 7 hours a day
  •  Availability of professionals guided by TLC includes a gym floor manager, assistant trainer, group class instructor, nutritionist, and more!
  • Nutritional support or physical training customized to meet the needs of individual employees ensures that they will experience a safe and healthy difference from our sessions
  • A basic package option with access to the TLC App and Gym, Gym/Home Workout Guide, Basic Coach Support 
  • An advanced option in addition to the above includes group-centric training classes such as tai chi, callisthenics, yoga, and meditation to motivate overall wellness as well as team-building


Core Team

  • Ashwyn Barreto

    NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

    As the founder of TLC, Ashwyn has worked with and studied the population of schools, small-scale businesses, and corporations. Through his health and fitness workshops as well as seminars, he has been able to spread awareness about healthy sustainable lifestyle practices among the young generation in an attempt to elevate the future of our society. His expertise in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, functional fitness, performance, and movement training makes him an unbeatable match to teach individuals about healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Adarsh Shivananda

    Precision Nutrition-Certified Lifestyle Coach | RYT500 Yoga Alliance International-Certified Yoga Instructor

    With over 12 years of experience in the corporate sector of the industry, Adarsh has also conducted wellness coaching seminars and workshops for Infosys, HPCL, and Delhivery. His immense knowledge of martial arts such as Qigong and Taichi, Meditation, and Massage along with his multi-pronged approach with his clients will leave no stone unturned as far as mental as well as health is concerned.

  • Dr. Joline Fernandes

    Consulting Nutritionist

    As a practicing medical professional at her own clinic in Fatorda, Goa, Dr Joline is also a consultant nutritionist at hospitals and other clinics. She has experienced it all by treating patients with diabetes, hormonal imbalances, obesity, arthritis, cardiometabolic issues, PCOD, infertility, thyroid-related disorders, and gastric disorders. She also condones the usage of local foods over imported ones to not only keep being healthy simple but also effective. So, you know you’re in good hands.

  • Medical Practitioners

    Medical Practitioners

    The professional will be selected based on specific corporate requirements. After all, TLC firmly believes in providing our corporate trainees with the best-customized experience.


Apart from our contribution to the aforementioned corporate companies, we believe in learning and growing along with our clients. We take every step, challenge, difference, change, and concern with great attention and regard.

Ours is a distinctive service, and here’s how:

  • A detailed onboarding procedure involving a smartwatch digital integration system to conduct a detailed survey; helping us analyze the exact requirements of the corporate and its employees
  • Highly skilled experts who understand the importance of quality and genuine results over a one-size-fits-all perspective, making us one of the most customizable options in the market.
  • Our wellness programs have successfully scored results; leading to an increase in productivity for the corporate
  • An ever-evolving product to meet the changing demands of the corporate world, leaving no question unanswered.


  • Partnering with TLC has contributed immensely to our Corporate Wellness journey. They currently run our fitness centre in Bangalore, and we plan to extend our partnership with them to all our corporate offices across the country. They’ve provided a holistic wellness experience to our employees that starts with a personalized assessment and encompasses a range of offerings in fitness, nutrition, and meditation. What we’ve appreciated most about the team is the deep expertise they bring to the field and their energy and passion driving a culture of well-being in the organizatio

    - Pooja Gupta
    Chief Human Resource Officer Delhivery

If you want to see a positive change in your company and its work environment, start by caring for its employees

Let us help you do that right away!

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